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Zero Gravity

Experiencing zero gravity is part of the budding space tourism industry. Prior to blasting-off to space, critical preparations are now being conducted to acquaint space tourists about relevant conditions once they are inside the spacecraft. Passengers must be made ready to deal with zero gravity or weightlessness that they will be subjected to, once they hit an altitude of over 60 to 80 miles. Traveling to the vast frontier may be exhilarating though tourists must be physically ready to accept the challenge.

Zero Gravity

Some of our enterprising businessmen are cashing in on the space tourism craze that is truly inevitable. To prepare tourists for the space travel, corporations have been given the go signal by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to conduct zero gravity or weightless flights for everybody else who needs to experience the sensation of floating in space.

Floating free in space is the kind of stuff only astronauts are familiar with, while regular folks can only dream about it because of the limited possibility of one entering the NASA domain, especially at taxpayer's expense. So, with this new development, others who would want a first hand experience will just have to book seat and brave the feeling of zero gravity.

Literally, these zero gravity weightlessness flights have been intended for countless space tourists who want to establish a healthy response to suborbital and orbital space travel. The main objective of this corporation is to mimic the excitement and adventure of space travel that is accessible to the public in a safe, fun and less costly fashion without even leaving Mother Earth.

Who could forget the words uttered in 1962 by John Glenn, Americas first orbital trekker while safely strapped in his single-seat capsule "Zero G and I feel fine". It surely sounded like the words of pioneers in space travel that has cultivated and magnified the curiosity felt by regular Johnny's just like you and me.

To provide the zero gravity sensation in space travel, a modified Boeing 727-200 aircraft, called the "G-Force One" is performing the aerobatic stunts and parabolic flight patterns that defy the earth's gravity; thus creating the effect of weightlessness for several seconds on the different maneuvers that it intends to perform. Full effect of zero gravity is achieved when the aircraft does a 10,000-foot roller coaster stunt, usually conducted between 22,000 and 32,000 feet above (altitude) the earth. The experience is quite stimulating and at the same time disturbing according to the privileged few who experienced the sensation aboard a NASA aircraft known as the Vomit Comet.

Zero gravity will undoubtedly be fun, particularly for the adventurous folks. Flights are available for those up for this adventure. The Zero-G experience will be a full day program under the instruction of a veteran astronaut. Patrons will experience what it would be like on Mars (1/3 of earths gravity), the lunar sensation (moons gravity is 1/6th that of earth) and zero gravity, the feeling of floating freely.

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