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Spacewalks are probably one of the most sought after activities that privileged space tourists would want to experience. Imagine walking / floating in a different environment, and being able to see the Earth while immersed in a vast space experience. That would be amazing! In our perception, a spacewalk is a thoroughly invigorating experience and everybody should get to try it even for once in his or her lifetime.


The vivid projections of astronauts as seen on television and images posted in print influences what people perceive today. But, do you think that you would really enjoy a trek in space?

Few people believe that spacewalks are not as exciting as they seem. Think about this. Would the experience be worthwhile while donning the prescribed suit? Would you enjoy the experience even with a bulky spacesuit that limits your movements? With a more comfortable and light-material space clothing, perhaps the experience would be extra fun.

Part of the excitement of spacewalks involves knowing one can actually feel the powerful black of outer space. Others might try spacewalks as a novelty, or as an activity that one could brag about, given that only a few people will ever have the chance to go through with it. However, to many enthusiasts, spacewalking is the ultimate experience and therefore, unnecessary distractions like bulky clothing will not matter at all since having fun is all that matters in this case.

Only those who can afford the costs of space travel and are already holding a confirmed ticket reservation will have the opportunity to try and experience the novelty of spacewalks. Spacewalking is not as simple as a walk in the park.

In fact, space tourists will be made to undergo a rigorous 6-month training program before they will be even allowed to travel in space. Another month of more training will be needed before tourists can become eligible to participate in an activity such as spacewalks.

Tourists will have to be not only physically fit but also mentally and emotionally ready as well, to help them become comfortably and at ease while on the trip. One current space tourism package specifies for the space travel to last for up to 10 days, unless the trips includes spacewalks, then approximately 8 days would be added to the venue.

You are probably wondering why only a few people have traveled as tourists to the International Space Station. There are practically two reasons that include a limited number of space transports and high costs.

Since the cost of spacewalks and/or space travel is currently prohibitive to the masses, many enterprising businesses have constructed facilities that will simulate the actual conditions of outer space. Once inside these facilities, an individual will feel what its like be in orbit, though without the privilege of spacewalks.

In the next 10 to 12 years, when costs come down, even the middle class most likely will be able to scrounge up the money for a short trip to low earth orbit, experience weightlessness and take a couple of short spacewalks before coming back to Earth. And who knows, a few short years after this you may even be able to walk your dog in space. Won't this be heavenly?

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