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Spacefleet SF-01

Spacefleet Ltd. is a private company, which was created in 2004. The company was created for the purpose of the Spacefleet Project. The purpose of the Spacefleet Project is to design and construct vehicles that can be placed for sale in the space tourism industry. The company has built quite an impressive list of contacts in the United Kingdom, which will bring the vehicles, such as the current Spacefleet SF-01, to life. The cost for such a flight is expected to be in the $120,000 range.

The Spacefleet SF-01 is a project that will take part in the sub-orbital space tourism market. The Spacefleet SF-01 will be the only space aircraft that will have no carbon dioxide emissions at all.

This vehicle will be operated in an entirely manageable way that uses electricity generated from sunlight or wind to electrolyze water, in effect producing oxygen and hydrogen. This will then be liquefied using power from the photovoltaic ray. The fuel will then be a non-pollutant and very inexpensive since it is being generated from renewable resources.

The Spacefleet SF-01 will be an engaging passenger vehicle that will be capable of taking two pilots and eight passengers to heights of 200 miles above the surface of the Earth. This is nearly three times higher than any other spacecraft vehicle currently being proposed by others in the sub-orbital space tourism industry. The Spacefleet SF-01 will launch from an inclined ramp and will land on a traditional airport runway.

The spacecraft will be usable for quick point-to-point intercontinental travel as well as from a single site. The Spacefleet SF-01 will also have the capacity to be used as a platform for all small orbital satellite deployment at low cost. It will also be able to be used for scientific experiments that are currently being used on existing rockets. The development of the SF-01 is expected to take approximately three years and will cost approximately $260 million for three vehicles.

The operators of the Spacefleet SF-01 will be able to purchase photovoltaic cells and wind turbines, which would be built from standard units available commercially. Electrolysis and liquefaction are also standard items for the Spacefleet SF-01 package. The requirement for a power storage system will be met in the form of a "free-flow" battery. This is technology which now coming in to use for high-power electricity generating systems or a fuel cell.

The system for fuel synthesis, generating electricity, electrolysis, and gas liquefaction is expected to come with a hefty price tag. After this initial cost, the price for maintaining and operating the Spacefleet SF-01 will be extremely low. In addition to providing fuel for the vehicle, the energy could also be exported to an electric supply grid.

Spacefleet also intends to be active in the acquisition and management of intellectual property relating to space flight. The company intends to create a program of space education that will be linked to the Spacefleet SF-01 project. Their hopes are that this program will inspire young people to take up careers in science, aerospace engineering, astronomy and of course, space tourism.

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