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Space Sports

Space sports are coming sooner than you think. Space tourism is finally happening within the next couple of years. Space hotels will soon be established to house tourists and as space travel becomes less and less expensive, space habitats will most likely crossover as permanent dwelling houses for space residents.

Space Sports

Though even before the first tourists can even blast-off beyond the Earth's atmosphere, a few of our more adventurous brothers are already thinking about what space sports will be appropriate given the circumstances.

For centuries, the gnawing feeling of conquering the vast outer space is coming to fruition, as modern technology has developed space vehicles that could be employed for a trek into space. Soon, we will be able to experience the vivid images, the feeling of zero-gravity or the stuff that only astronauts are privy to, because everybody else will get a feel of space travel. While becoming a space tourist today may be still expensive, the future beacons tourists with limited capabilities.

With space colonies eventually becoming a reality, expect migration to follow suit. The next big question would be: what are the forms of recreation in space, or the type of space sports that everybody else can take an interest in and enjoy? Will competition be as rigid as what we have on Earth?

Space sports will pre-occupy enthusiasts and they will most probably be ready with answers once the inevitable happens. Several questions come to mind when we think of space sports. For one, can basketball and football, among others be played in space? According to scientists, the popular sports played on Earth are still possible in space.

Nevertheless, the accessibility of courts would be limited since creation would require huge funding. Remember that everything in space would operate under a controlled Earthly environment. Thus, expensive facilities will be devised and maintained in order to sustain a balanced ground, a form of artificial gravity must be introduced so that players and the audience can stay put; otherwise there will be chaos in the arena.

In order for space sports to maintain a competitive edge, sports rules need to be adjusted to fit the new environment while devising measures that would lessen the intended investment for new sports facilities. Besides, would sports still appeal to your senses under a totally different environment?

A good question though would be what kind of space sports could be established considering the expected zero gravity-environment of outer space? Basically, the simplest would be gymnastics because this sport would apply to everybody else regardless of weight and height. People can effortlessly train and enjoy the sports by simply maintaining their balance and by controlling their movements. Another exciting space sports would be wrestling.

Can you imagine wrestlers in space? The game would be funny but thoroughly entertaining. Furthermore, water space sports could be created wherein people can enter a room filled with floating water blobs; and actually hurl water blobs against each other. Or what about a modified track and field facility that races to the finish line. Think that would work?

There are countless possibilities concerning sports that can be feasibly played in space. Astronauts have already played golf on the moon. And, there has been talk of extreme space diving, where a space plane will take tourist to the edge of Earth's atmosphere and let them jump and parachute back to solid ground. Racquetball may be a more reasonable request for those who want to give their adrenal glands a rest.

But then again, we shouldn't expect everything else to be patterned after the games played on Earth. What's probable is that some new sporting events and games will evolve due to a different and challenging environment. Furthermore, whatever transpires in the future, space sports of many kinds will surely be a part of it.


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Felix Baumgartner completed a record breaking space jump from 128,100 feet in a helium filled balloon on October 14, 2012. See the Youtube video: http://youtu.be/YIj9XGLTGH8


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