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Visionaries who dreamt of space hotels that could support a flourishing space tourism industry are now rolling their eyes at the pessimists who conceived the idea as preposterous.

Space Hotels

Orbital tourism including space hotels are probably the most anticipated industries emerging today.

This is due to the fact that most people want to experience what astronauts describe as a vision of Earth from space, weightlessness and spacewalks among others. Information and pictures in books, magazines, movies and the Internet influences this desire which is deemed as an advantage for the space tourism industry since further explanation and marketing of this concept need not be pursued aggressively.

However, space tourism opportunities are quite expensive, to fetch a whooping $30 million per brokered flight. Needless to say, only wealthy people can ever afford to pay for a space tour. In view of the costs, privileged people recommend the construction of space hotels so they could enjoy their money's worth and likewise be able to stay in beyond the confines of Earth as long as they want. The presence of space hotels would allow the wealthy to experience what it's like to live in a unique environment.

What would space hotels look like then? Basically, space hotels would look like a collaboration of both the architect and interior designer's imagination. Space hotels would initially use simple designs because architects and designers would still be in the process of creating a structure that would be appropriate for the purpose it intends to serve.

But in the long run, space hotels would appear in various degrees of complexity, particularly in terms of design. This is so because zero gravity tenders the building of structures without limitations whether in range, size or direction. The overall space hotel structure shall compose of detachable components and a new area can be integrated by connecting it to any part of the entire existing structure. Rotating space hotels can likewise be designed to serve as a come-on to customers to board the hotel.

What kind of accommodations, services and amenities will space hotels offer? Similar to the Earth-bound hotels, space hotels would offer utmost accommodation, from affordable to expensive rooms that will serve both the average and wealthy customers. Swimming pools, bars, restaurants, spa and other typical hotel facilities available with Earth hotels will likewise be offered since these are expected amenities. Of course these amenities will be modified somewhat for weightless factor one will experience while inside the space hotels or an artificial gravity situation will need to be created within the environment.

What are the differences between Earth hotels and space hotels then? With Earth hotels, building additional areas for new amenities is impossible unless you have extra space in the property; whereas with space hotels as mentioned earlier, new components can be attached to the existing structure without any spatial prohibition. Furthermore, unlike Earth hotels that are permanently affixed on land with foundations to boot, space hotels are supported by orbits that require boosting periodically to maintain its altitude as well as sustain the balance of the structure whenever a wing is added or removed.

Although the idea of space hotels has been considered relevant by a number of people, construction has never been encouraged due to the limited number of space shuttles that fly beyond the Earth's atmosphere. Besides, the number of willing tourists today would be insufficient to sustain a space hotel's operation since only the privileged few can afford the travel.

In the future, after suborbital flights become commonplace, space hotels will become a reality. Until then, the idea of space hotels remains in suspended animation. One step at a time, we will get there, though.

Check out the future of space hotels as envisioned by Adam Graiser


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Youtube Video of a space hotel concept: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivHAO96FIiw

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