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This Meteorides space tourism site carries much information, but does not corner the market on it. There are many other fine websites on the Internet that also carry loads of information about space and tourism and other cutting edge and leading edge areas as well.

Since you've found all that you're looking for on this website, please visit some of our fine partner resources as well. The resources listed on this page will help you further your education about space and tourism and the future of space travel.

It is our hope that you visit our partner websites since they are fine resources, but also don't forget to come back to our site as well. The field of space tourism is advancing rapidly and we will be adding new content to our site often.

Government Sites

NASA - U. S. government website featuring section on humans in space.

Space.gov - U. S. government site pertaining the national security interests in space.


Space Tourism Companies

Armadillo Aerospace - Based in Mequite, Texas, the company is developing VTOL devices.

Bigelow Aerospace - tourism company featuring Galaxy and Sundancer vehicles.

Blue Origin - tourism company developing New Shepard spacecraft.

Constellation Services International - is developing the CSI Lunar Express.

EADS Astrium - European company developing a space plane that takes off and lands at an airport.

PlanetSpace Corporation - tourism company developing Canadian Arrow.

Rocketplane - tourism company featuring the Rocketplane XP.

Space Adventures - the only company currently offering spaceflights to tourists.

Scaled Composites - currently building SpaceShipTwo and SpaceShipThree for tourist spaceflights.

Spacefleet - developing the SF-01 that uses renewable energy fuel sources.

SpaceX - tourism company building Falcon 9 and Dragon capsule.

StarChaser - space tourism company working on ThunderStar spacecraft.

XCOR Aerospace - developing the Xerus spaceplane for tourist adventures.

Benson Space Company - Space tourism company featuring the Dream Chaser.


Other Commercial Websites

Space Viz Productions - produces astronomy documentaries featuring Sir Arthur C. Clarke, Buzz Aldrin, Rusty Schweickart and many other experts and space scientists. The educational videos are good for all ages.


Web Pages of Interest

Boarding Soon: A Balloon to the Stratosphere?

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