The Cecil Field Airport in Jacksonville, Florida will be doing double duty as a spaceport as well. Florida Governor Charlie Crist along with Jacksonville Aviation Authority leaders made the announcement about the licensing of the property to do horizontal launches of spacecraft.

The process of obtaining the proper licensing and permits took 4 yeas. The Cecil Field spaceport will be the first of its kind on the East Coast. The spaceport currently has a 12,500-foot runway which will accommodate spacecraft such as spaceplanes to take off easily.

According to the Daily Record, “Proximity to the ocean is another feature that makes Cecil ideal for the industry. After the spacecraft takes off from the launch site, it must wait until it is over the ocean before it can ignite its rockets to propel it into suborbital outer space.”

No longer does California and New Mexico have a lock on the space tourism industry as Florida has just joined the party as well. And, why not since one of the things the great state of Florida is known for is its Cape Canaveral launches. Houston, we have some competition, over.