Two Canadian companies are jumping on the space tourism bandwagon and selling tickets for a flight aboard the XCOR Lynx Mark II spacecraft. Adventure Travel Company and Uniktour are both offering flights to space with slightly different packages.

According to PCmag, “Earlier this month the Adventure Travel Company unveiled packages that will allow nearly anyone to buy a ticket to space, launching a comprehensive website that describes the specifics of the program, as well as the technical details involved.

“The company’s base package starts at $106,210, which includes a flight to one of three spaceports in the Mojave Desert, California, Curacao, or Cape Canaveral, Florida; a three-day stay in a top tier hotel; space training; photo and video footage of the flight; a customized astronaut flight suit; and an end-of-mission awards ceremony commemorating your journey. The company’s VIP package, which costs $138,365, upgrades the airline flight to the spaceport to first class, extends the hotel stay to five days, and includes a special pass to the Montreal Grand Prix.

“Another Montreal-based tour company called Uniktour will also begin offering space tours at slightly lower prices of $95,000 ad $100,000. However, Uniktour’s services are geared toward the French-speaking populace of Montreal, so all of the company’s tour support material is in French.”

And what is most exciting is that the ride aboard the XCOR Lynx, next to the pilot, will take place in less than a year away, in February 2014.